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Spark by ColinHSillerud
Another photograph from this summer and the most intense storm I have witnessed.  In my original post, Once Upon A Storm, I wanted to convey the totality of the experience and the grand scale that exists in the Southwest.  Here I hope to describe a more intimate view of the shear power that existed in each detail.
Atlantic by ColinHSillerud
Well It has again been a long time since my last submission.  I hope that I will be able to shoot and process more in the coming months.  I have recently learned that a person can maintain 2 pursuits with high quality results, but three changes the game drastically. 

I am making an effort to use more varied light than the simple magic hour that is so pervasive in the landscape community.  This was still around dawn, but it was not the more explosive reds and yellows that are the current rage.  Here I wanted to convey both the insane power of the ocean and closeness of possible death that I felt with the penetrating serenity of the surrounding conditions. 

This location had some of the best and most accessible wave action I have ever seen.  I have never before been this close to certain death while still moderately safe.  This specific standing point took me about an hour to work up the courage to get too.  I was sure that I would be swept into the sea here, but after watching the water patterns, I decided it was doable.

I hope everyone likes it.
Once Upon A Storm by ColinHSillerud
Once Upon A Storm
I have been hunting lightning for four years now, in the small amount of time I have that is not taken up by lab work and school.  The trick, I have learned, is being patient and lucky.  That's about all there is too it.  After tracking and learning the patterns of the monsoon systems of the Southwest, I had about zero successful trips all organized with excessive planning.  Then, on this trip, when I felt I had already missed the best opportunities due to scheduling conflicts, I got lucky. 

While watching the clouds dissipate as the day went on, down to nothing at sunset, I also felt another monsoon season and weeks of planning go down the drain.  Then, just after night fall, in the perfect loaction, a series of electrical storms built and hit out of nowhere.  The shear density of lightning is something I didn't even know could happen.  For a period of about an hour, three  surrounding storms displayed about a bolt every second like a strobe light.  There were times that I had a hard time breathing I was so excited and so focused on completing this photograph.

This is one of the most difficult photos I have achieved.  The bolts were so bright that, in order to expose them properly, I had zero information in the surrounding landscape and night sky.  So, I had to, with intense sadness and trepidation, give up a few of the bolts to get an exposed landscape.  What this means is that I had to significantly over expose the lightning to register the land.  The hard part about that is, as anyone who has shot lightning will tell you, you never know when the perfect bolt is going to strike, and, indeed, the best of the entire night occured while I was exposed for the land.  However, you can't have everything you want and to come away with something rather than nothing, I had to make a sacrifice.  I would do it all again if given the choice.

I hope everyone enjoys it.

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Colin H Sillerud
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United States


When the weather builds in waves of dark wind, and raindrops scream, and shelter is miles away, I wait, watching hints of light on the horizon, and I am alone. That is when I am alive.

Maybe my nose bleeds from frostbite, or parched heat claws the water from my skin. I have been eaten by a million mosquitoes and bitten by a billion cactus needles. Once a tendon in my leg exploded while snowshoeing 10 miles away from my car.

It is these moments that society cannot match, with its laws and subduing safety. Everything is known, society says. Everything has been done. Turn on a computer and the world is at your fingers, but only a snapshot, a wish-you-were-here with no texture, no chance, no danger. No Pain.

Here, in the unknown, is where life exists. There is no Facebook to tell me how cool I am with 10,000 friends I’ve never met. There is no mom or dad to wipe my nose. And there is no one to tell me No. No speed limit. No checkpoints. No bank teller holding my credit score with a scornful look.

Only I exist, with my decisions and my consequences. If I reach too far, I fall. If I stare too long, I go blind. If I slip, I die. But if I make the top, if I swallow the fear, I know that I saw it – a day so perfect, a place so sublime, a moment unplanned – truly, a Land Beyond.
Hi there to all my watchers!  My photo Scylla and Charybdis has recently been selected as one of the finalists in the Lightinspired group photography contest.  If you wouldn't mind taking the time to visit their page at and vote for my image it would be much appreciated!  

Thanks and I hope everyone is having a fantastic summer!


Colin Sillerud


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